Monday, January 9, 2012

it's her born-day

this post supposed to published last night..but it has been postponedtoday because of the busyness of studying. hell yeah, i got exam and many project to do..can't wait to diz CNY break ! this whole semester has been an extra grueling to me. yeah, no doubt.

back on track, diz posting is special to my boss bcos of her bfday..MISS NAJWA HAMSEIN...happy bfday miss...Happy Birthday to the world's best boss! 

to miss najwa,  we have nothing much to say in here. may you have a great life and may your dream come true! we will always pray for your happiness. haaa, next year nak bertunang kan? awww. bestnya! tak sabar! tak sabar! kahwin cepat-cepat tau! haha. last but not least, i love you babe! :)

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